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Nutking Records Catalogue



Take it or Leave it (1975)

Skunk Alive (1976)

Rare (1978)




Feedback (1977)

Herrie & de Beukers (1982)


Saint Vitus


Saint Vitus (1980)

Kill Saint Vitus (1982)

Take That Bridge (1982)

Saint Vitus Live (1983)

Saint Vitus IV (1984)

Saint Vitus on Stage (1984)

The Final Tapes (1985)

The Streets are Dark (1987)

Saint Vitus at Sandwijck (1992)

Farewell Saint Vitus (2006)


Kriziz / Poppenkast


Jezuz Kriziz (1983)

Live Kriziz (1984)

Dekkerstraat (1985)

Vrijgemaakt te Venlo (1986)

Kriziz at Kreatrom (1990)

Poppenkast (1991)

At the Free Floor (1991)

Kriziz te Haastrecht (1992)

Old&New/Bits&Pieces (1992)

No Pope from Poland - Demo’s (1993)

Het leukst vind ik het Springkussen (1993)



Backfire (1985)


Live in de eendenkooi (1985)



In Artishock (1985)

In Zon&Schild (1986)


The Soul System


The Soul System (1988)

Court of Session

The Shadow of Your Smile (1990)

Beaujolais (1991)

Live in Maarssen (1992)


Blue Jeans & Black


The Real Life (1989)

Come Together (1990)

On Tour (1992)

The Best of (1992)

Sound Advice

Vertrokken (1992)

The Early Tapes (1993)

Subtlety (1994)

Mean and Ugly (1996)*

Acoustic Sound Advice (1997)

Easy Wisdom (1998)

Sound Advice in Concert (2000)*


De Kerozinekikkers

Kikkerdril (1999)

Op Toernee (2000)

Uit één stuk (2001)

Kwaak (2002)

Jazzz (2004)

Inblazen (2006)

Springlevend (2007)

Frogfish (2008)


Band of Victas


Band of Victas (2010)

Band of Victas Live (2014)


Henri Grünbauer


The 24 Caprices (2013)

Careless Love (2015)

Lift Off (2016)

Black Hole (2017)

Black Hole DeLuxe (2018)

Inner Dealings (2019)

No Strings (2020)

*currently unavailable

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Nutking Records
When reli-punk band Jezuz Kriziz (Mez/vocals, Petruz/guitar, Judaz/bass) had eventually evolved in "Rock-band Poppenkast" in 1992 they were signed to “Professor-Pop” records soon after. This orphaned their old “Bounty-Records” -label. However, Judaz had left "Kriziz” (already playing “Poppenkast” songs) in favour of a solo career resulting in the currently unavailable album “Judaz in Heaven” and the never released “Vertrokken”, on “Bounty-Records”. Through Judaz’ connections, a new musical project by Harry (or Henri) Grunbauer called “Sound Advice” was also signed to the label. Judaz played bass on the first couple of albums, still released on Music-Cassette. Several abandoned musical projects like “Saint Vitus” and “Backfire” were also adopted by Bounty-Records as well as retaining the original “Kriziz’ back catalogue. The new “Saint Vitus at Sandwijck” album was put together with some overdubs from unreleased material and it was agreed that “Sound Advice” would promote the album by including the old Saint Vitus-hit “Make Your Move” in their set-list. Judaz wasn’t available for live-gigs and Henri put together the first of the ever changing “Sound Advice” line-up with Michel Bruinitz on drums and Martin Smit (RIP) on bass. Meanwhile, several inactive obscure record-labels like “Salisbury Sounds”, “Red Rat Recordings” and “DNA-records” opened up their archives for “Bounty-Records” making almost forgotten music available again. Through the years about seven new Sound Advice albums were released on CD-r after a failed experiment with the Minidisk medium. Later even “De Kerozinekikkers” label “Sloot Records” was negotiated to be included. On May 16, 2018, Bounty Records changed it's name to Nutking Records.
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